Monday, November 12, 2012

Post Hurricane NYC Shittiness

A lot of people have posted stuff about Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a Frankenbitch) over the last two weeks. The storm itself absolutely sucked for those like myself who lived in the metropolitan area. Considering all things, I actually made out okay and I hope those who suffered worse damage receive relief in the very near future. I really wish I had the chance to share some photos of the storm while it was in action, but unfortunately due to a lack of electricity, internet, and technological resources I couldn't do much. At one point, a friend and I walked outside in the middle of it so that we could get the full experience. It was pretty cool (and fucking terrifying) to see it all go down. We were also drinking. Trees taller than houses were falling everywhere to the point that you could feel the ground shake. There were really bright flashes in the sky that at first were assumed to be lightning, but really massive electrical sources exploding. We lost power for about a week. At first I kind of enjoyed it, since there was no way for me to go to work that week. The lack of heat and internet, however, became a drag real quick. I ended up doing work on my laptop at the local dive bar for most of those days, because for some reason it was the only establishment that had it's shit together. You know you're life is heading in a downward spiral when the day time staff of a bar as well as the local town drunks know you on a first name basis.  

I ,through my own personally issues, believe this last week to be worse than the one prior. Why you ask? Not only did a snow storm come through and fuck more shit up, but the traffic situation is an absolute nightmare. People who live in this area already know how shitty it is to get from place to place without a natural disaster screwing up everything. Every night I went to Port Authority bus terminal, I would experience crowds that rivaled most concert festivals. There was barely anybody directing or managing the situation. Some legitimately feared a riot would break out on the level where I wait for my the bus (which at minimum was an hour wait). Luckily nothing too bad happened, probably because people were so tired from all the shit they endured recently. Today was supposed to be the day that everything got back to normal, but in reality that would be way too optimistic. This morning a bus broke down in the express lane right in front of the Lincoln tunnel, which resulted in the longest amount of time that I never want to endure on a bus into New York City. An average forty five minute ride (which could be on 25 minutes) turned into a four hour ride. I could have gone to the shore and back twice in that time frame. Lets pray shit gets back to normal tomorrow. 

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