Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Good Video- "Burn"

I've been a real fan of some of these Canadian bands lately, like Nu Sensae and White Lung. Eating Out has members from both of those bands. What I really like about this video is how it has a throwback feel to what music videos were like in the 90s, and yet it still has a contemporary youthful...thing about it. Drummer, Daniel Pitout, say that 90's VH1 videos, " used to feel more like movies or stories [and are] really nostalgic and beautiful, which I never see much of anymore”. I also really like the high school stereotypes that were incorporated into this and party scenes are always good. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

They Come To Get Us

I first heard this song by The Death Set when I watched the most recent addition to anthology/first person horror movies, V/H/S (I highly recommend it). It was the perfect ending note for this movie, because after being exposed to tons of gruesome imagery you actually kinda felt up-beat when it was all over. The video itself is also really cool. It's filled with tons of chaotic pop-culture icons and does a good job of setting the mood for a good "get amped" type of sound. I honestly watch this video whenever I feel like I'm falling asleep at work and then I wake up right away. Enjoy.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So I Got A Job

Yep, for almost a week now I have become a productive member of working society. I got a position as a sales planner at a digital advertising firm. It's not exactly what I was looking to get into (seriously who thought I'd be qualified for sales?) but its a job. At least now I'll be making some cash so I can fund some more projects and shenanigans. Maybe I'll save up enough to move the fuck out of my boring ass hometown and get into some real cool shit. Anyway, there should be some good posts to be expected in the near future, but in the mean time check out me and my friends other blog Its got some good stuff on it. I promise.