Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Facts.

1. Black paint makes everything look better, but it's the last thing you use.

2. You can only get away with drawing a picture of your girlfriend as her birthday present once.

3. Art teachers are never helpful when it comes to career advice. They will always encourage you to take graduate courses, go to different art programs, and to go spend more money that you don't have. That being said, they are very uselful when it comes to writing fancy sounding letters of recommendation.

4. The messier you are, the more emotional your work appears to be. People like to buy things with emotional invovlement for some reason.

5. Always doodle or sketch something before you buy anything. That way you don't waste cash (that you don't have) on supplies that will be spent on failure.

6. Street art is a crime...which makes it cooler.

7. Art history classes suck.

8. I find that drunk art is good art. My inspiration of choice is whiskey.

9. For whatever reason, people will like the art you made with no effort better than the stuff you spent forever doing.

10. If you don't want to hang your work in your own home, why would anybody else?

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