Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Overdue Review of the Harmonica Lewinskies

I should have done this review a while ago, but due to my general lack of focus I've just gotten around to it now. Sorry guys.

The Harmonica Lewinskies are a Manhattan based band comprised of what I believe to be eight members... I speculate the amount of persons involved, because i'm pretty sure it varies depending on the gig. They play an eclectic fusion of classic rock n' roll, funk, blues, and southern influenced tunes that make for a hyper-animated type of live music experience.

My first interactions with the Lewinskies started way before their inception, when I attended high school with founding member, Dan McLane. Back then, Dan was just one of those kids sitting in front of his locker with his John Lennon t-shirt hanging out from under his catholic school uniform talking about Jay and Silent Bob movies. Every once in a while he would bring his guitar around and play some basic chords while jokingly doing an Eddy Vedder impression. After many drunken adventures and sloppy basement parties, I didn't see Dan for a couple years. In that time he apparently got his shit together (unlike me) and started the band that he belongs to today.

It wasn't until I graduated college and started working in NYC that I saw my first Lewinskies show. Constantly being notified on Facebook about their performances, a couple hometown friends and I decided to see them play one night at Bowery Electric. After our reunion moment with Dan, we were immediately introduced to the rest of the band, who were all  uniformed in their usual white button-up shirts, black pants, black ties, and suspenders. We did multiple whiskey shots before they played that evening's set as is their tradition.

They really are a fun group of guys, who's shenanigans are only matched by their musical talent and on-stage charisma. It's a pretty impressive sight watching members like lead guitarist, Will Simpson, and rhythm guitarist, Rob Bettega, switch up on vocals while Ollie Fetter does a fantastic job on drums. One of the unique things I noticed about the Harmonica Lewinskies (besides their name and attire), was their ability to psyche up the crowd more so than the band that was headlining that night. This quality remains true every time I see them play.

Their second EP Salad Days features such enjoyable tracks as "The Ghost Pal Song", which you can listened to here. If you want to experience the Lewinskies play live, be sure to check them out Friday, May 24th at Mama Coco's Freak Out #21. Should be a pretty good time.  

Also, vote for them here so they can play in Afro-Punk's: Battle of the Bands 2013... Do it now.


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